If you are looking for quality retouching services, you need to let us do your work and give you a high quality piece of work. This is a chance to turn your ordinary photos into portraits that have been done by a professional. Offshore Clipping Path offer better photo retouching programs that have the best features that will make your photos exciting.
When it comes to enhancing your face, we use tools such as image coloring, spot removal and skin toning to ensure that we give you the best results. If your face needs to be reconstructed, we promise to have this done using our advanced tools and techniques.
If you work with products, model images, jewelry images, natural images, wedding photograph real estate images etc.
Product Photo Retouching Services is no longer simple modifications or amendments. It’s all about creating a difference with retouch. With the help of the latest photo editing software's, professionals can offer a new look to an image.

We offer latest tools that help to look best whether you want to whiten your teeth, change eye color, use blush, you can do it by using our tools. The images will look professionally retouched. With the variety of photo retouching tools, your photo can give the best look regardless the picture quality. We also help with removing winkle, removing blemish, reshaping photo, sun spots removal. Many fashion photographers, product photographers, and portrait photographers know just how important it is to have image retouching as it ensures that their photographs look amazing and that their clients are satisfied and that is why they look to smp clipping path to help with their photo enhancement needs.


• Image spotting and Image Artefact removal
• Wrinkle, Scar and Blemish removal
• Hair Cleanup e.g. elimination of fly away hair
• Natural skin retouching
• Colour correction/contrast/levels
• Spotting/Dust Removal, Highlight/Flare Removal
• Object Removal
• Remove Dust & Remove Poor Reflection

• skin smoothing
• Remove defects
• Removing blinks
• Coloring lip
• Adding make-up
• Adding eye shadow

If you have photos that you want retouched quickly, do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a chance to demonstrate to you how professional we are in photo retouching. Gets the best photo retouching services at prices you can afford?


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