PHOTO (alpha channel, transparent) MASKING SERVICES is providing photo alpha channel masking service for many years.We have years of experience in providing alpha channel masking services to digital photographers, art galleries, photo editing agencies, catalogue publishers, real estate agencies, web designers, portrait studios, and online stores. offers hair masking services that is second to none. The arrival of Photoshop CS5 may have made hair-masking process a doddle but nothing can beat experience. Being able to perform hair selection correctly is something that separates the pros from everyone else. With the help of our experienced and expert photo editors, we have successfully completed many projects on hair-masking.
photo masking! Using clipping path tool on photo with blurry edges, such as that of fur or hair, one can obtain a clear and carefully cropped out photo. Types of images that contain elements such as hair, fur, fuzzy edge, transparent objects etc. require photo masking.

We also provide services for mixed images which may have both sharp edges as well as blurry edges for example your pet’s ( let’s say a dog) picture with sharp edges near the feet but fuzzy edges near the fluffy furry body. In such cases we use both clipping path for the sharp edges and then combine it with image masking for the fluffy edges. The resulting photo is an excellently processed photo of high resolution and quality.

What does it cost? Masking price starts from$2, up to$8 based on your requirements.
smpclipping applies all the necessary tools and techniques (Photoshop Plugging, Photoshop Channel and Tools) needed to deliver the most amazing quality of hair masking. These fantastic results can be delivered as Alpha Channel, Layer Mask or a Transparent Layer with PSD, TIFF and ETC
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At this section we provide –
• Hair Masking
• Transparent Masking
• Layer Masking
• Alpha/ Channel Masking
• Translucent Masking


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